About Us

Velamity is a family-owned and run South Australian business, the business idea was thought of by one of the co-founders Angelo Velardo, when he had an idea to mix tea with Gin.

After many months of research, recipe trialling and tastings with highly skilled scientists and tea testers in Sri Lanka, Velamity was born.

Angelo and his wife Holly already had a close relationship and love for the country of Sri Lanka so it was the perfect place to create Velamity pyramid cocktail infusions. The love, pride and quality of work the Sri Lanka people have for their products are the same values Velamity follows.

'Vel- Amity'

The Velamity name was created with a specific meaning in mind. Drinking Gin to the Velardo family is about gatherings with family and friends, socialising and being together in unity. Therefore, they took part of their surname ‘VEL’ and joined it with ‘Amity’ and here you have a brand that represents their values of family and togetherness.

Angelo and Holly travelled to Sri Lanka, where they met with team and took tours of the factories and laboratories. This is where the magic happened and the final flavours of Velamity were created.

Velamity pyramid cocktail infusions have been designed specifically to mix with Gin, but can be mixed any beverage of your choice, alcoholic or non-alcoholic. The infusions give you a flavour- bursting experience, the drink comes to life with not only flavour, but natural colours as you watch it infuse.